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Reading is one of the greatest joys in life, the pure magic of storytelling on paper.   And what better way to share the magic than to write?  


And for readers, this is the best of times. You can enjoy your favorite stories on paper or through your digital readers. You can even go back to the fun of being read to, through audiobooks. 


All of my books are available on paper and in digital format, and I've now joined the audiobook age. The first three books in the Laura's Dash Series, She Survives, Strive and Protect, and Desperate Choices, as well as Tom Flynn, Medium & Healer are available in audio format as well. 


Samati Press just released two new books, Her Triumph and Morphers and Mayhem, in both paperback and digital. Her Triumph is the fourth and last book in the Laura's Dash series, while Morphers and Mayhem, by author Berta Davis, is the first Sci-Fi book Samati Press has published.





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Finalist for Indie Today 2021 for Inspirational Historical Fiction

My most recent book: Her Triumph
Book Four in the Laura's Dash Series

Launched on December 30th, 2021


Her Triumph is the fourth and last book in the Laura’s Dash Series. The first book covered Laura's hardscrabble upbringing and her escape from a vicious, abusive father. In the second book, we followed her life as an adult, wife, and mother coping with the Great Depression. The third book brought new challenges when Laura's husband had a mental breakdown and was committed to an insane asylum, leaving Laura to fend for herself and her children alone. In Her Triumph we share Laura’s struggles to raise her children to adulthood in a world with little respect or resources for families torn apart by hardships beyond their control, and her anguish and pain when the country is again caught up in war in both World War II and Korea. Her Triumph chronicles Laura’s children’s growth into strong, successful adults inspired by their mother’s love and example. And we see Laura, after years of selfless struggle, finally able to relax and be happy, confident in herself and her gifts.

This book is a continuation of my maternal grandmother's fictionalized story. Many of the places are real, but the people and events portrayed are based on things that took place during the actual time period.


The large, rectangular "Buy Now from Amazon" button below will take you to Amazon for purchasing your copy of Her Triumph. Just to the right of the Amazon button is a "PayPal Purchase" button, which will take you to PayPal for your order.  Books purchased through PayPal are autographed and shipped directly from me to you.  Please note that the price from either venue is $18.99, plus shipping.  If you purchase through PayPal the price includes any California sales taxes. If you live outside of the U.S., the additional costs of International shipping will have to be added on after you place your initial order, since there is such a huge variance.







Animal Rescue



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Her Triumph, front cover (5.75 x 8.75 in)-2.jpg
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To find out more about each book, click on the cover to go to the page where it is listed. There you will find a complete description and links for purchasing. You will also find information on the other published books in the category, as well as books that are in the works. 

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