Reading is one of the greatest joys in life, the pure magic of storytelling on paper.   And what better way to share the magic than to write?  


And for readers, this is the best of times. You can enjoy your favorite stories on paper or through your digital readers. You can even go back to the fun of being read to, through audiobooks. 


All of my books are available on paper and most in digital format, but I've now joined the audiobook age. Tom Flynn, Medium & Healer and She Survives are both available in audio format as well. My newest title, Strive and Protect, book two in the Laura's Dash series, is in digital, and will be in audiobook as well.


Samati Press just released a new book, Bearded Dragons, Basic Beardie Care, in both paperback and digital. Bearded Dragons are the most popular reptile pets in the country, and this little guidebook will help you choose the right one for your family and keep it healthy and happy. 






My most recent book: Strive and Protect

Book Two in the Laura's Dash Series

Launched in June, 2019


Laura was raised to hide who she was. She'd been told repeatedly to never reveal her Cherokee heritage, or the fact that she'd been attacked by her own father. And no one should ever know she had the Second sight, or they might think she was crazy or possessed. 

Somehow Laura built a life on her own, married a good man who adored her, and had children, all while managing to keep her secrets. She was determined to raise her children in a home filled with love and support, rather than in an atmosphere of fear and pain like the one she'd known. 

Laura's husband shared her ideals, but had demons and fears of his own from his experiences in World War I. Together they worked hard, but their best intentions were repeatedly beaten down by the realities of life during the Great Depression. 

This book is a continuation of my maternal grandmother's fictionalized story. Many of the places are real, but the people and events portrayed are based on things that took place during the actual time period.


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