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From Hindsight to Insight

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Could it be that whenever we say, "I can't do that," or I don't have time to try that," or "I don't want to do that," we're ignoring an opportunity?  Could it be that saying yes more often in life almost guarantees more opportunities in life?  I believe that nothing in life is an accident, and wrote this book to inspire and entertain readers with true stories from my life covering an amazing range of widely divergent subjects.  My hope is that readers will be entertained and inspired by my life stories, as they are reminded of occasions in their own lives which have taught and strengthened them.

Doreen Beyer, member of Northern California’s Publishers and Authors,  wrote the following review:


"…it is turns out to be a surprisingly light and engaging series of self-revelations told in an unpretentious and honest manner, like sitting across from the author Sharon herself, as she pours you a cup of coffee while you listen in rapt attention to stories that stir up parts of a latent soul you didn’t realize lay undisturbed up until then. In raw detail, you learn of her bipolar father, her near-death experiences, of keeping a married-too-young marriage intact and other adventures seemingly excessive for one lifetime when the mood shifts and a past one unfolds.  From kitten rescue work to Ouija board messages, there is guaranteed to be a story that will strike a chord with every reader."


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Tom Flynn, Medium & Healer

This is the story of Tom Flynn, the 7th. child born to an English carpenter and his Romany Gypsy wife. The family lived in a council house in Edmonton, just outside of London. Tom lost his father when he was just seven, and his mother when he was thirteen. Although they died when he was a child, Tom's parents have supported and guided him as spirit guides to this day. From his earliest days speaking in Spiritualist Churches in London, Tom's abilities as a medium and spiritual healer have amazed people. His messages are full of specific details, providing proof of continued life from the spirit world. Tom has become an internationally known medium and healer, but continues to live a simple life of faith. His life work is to share the truth that life transcends death, and that our loved ones in the spirit world can and do communicate with us.

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