My husband, Stan, and I are still in love after 54 years of marriage


The older I get, the more I appreciate everything and everyone around me.  I truly believe that life is a gift, and enjoying every minute of it is the best thing I can do for everyone around me!  


I'm a very lucky and happy woman.  My husband, Stan, has been a patient, understanding husband and great partner.  And on March 19, 2021, we celebrated our 55th. anniversary!  We have two daughters, and four grandchildren whom we adore, and a beautiful great-grandson.  Most of my life has been spent in Sacramento, California, where we still live with our cats; Ash, Gracie and Portia, the kitten twins Becca and Bonnie.  We also have spoiled-rotten chickens, Bernice Williams, Goldie Girl, Anna Banana, and gorgeous Lady Cluck.


My first fiction book, She Survives, was published in May, 2018. It's Book One of a Historical Fiction series called the Laura's Dash Seriesinspired by my maternal grandmother. The real Laura overcame obstacles and endured hardships that I cannot even imagine facing.  She was 1/2 Cherokee Indian, born in 1903 in Indian Territory #6 (now Oklahoma) to a father who hated Indians and forced his children to deny their heritage completely.  Raised by her oldest sister from age three, .....  Oops, can't give away too much!  If you find this little taste intriguing, stay in touch. Book Two, Strive and Protect was published in June, 2019, and Book Three, Desperate Choices, was published in October, 2020. I'm hard at work on Book Four, the last in the series, which will be titled Her Triumph.


Getting to know many wonderful people in the writing community is a huge bonus of becoming an author.  There are several great groups for writers in the Sacramento area, but my personal favorite is the NCPA, Northern California Publishers & Authors.  It was my honor to now serve as the President for three years, and to continue as Vice President. 





Brady, our beautiful, sweet boy member of the triplets, passed away at only two years old from heart disease. We miss him, but are so grateful for the time we had together.

This is Ash, our newest addition. He came to us shortly after we lost Brady, in desperate need of a forever home. We love him—even if the girl cats don't!

Gracie is my office supervisor. When she quits working each day, her favorite thing is rolling around in the bathtub waiting for belly rubs.

Portia is the absolute Queen, ruler of the household. She adores Stan, and follows him around like a dog.


Brady, Becca, & Bonnie

These three were devoted to one another from the day they came to us at eleven days old. The sisters had a very hard time when we lost Brady, but still have one another.

Ellen was the sixth Great Dane we've had through the years, and was a true Gentle Giant. She was also a three-time model in internationally published calendars. She passed away in December, but will never be forgotten.

Our Ellen and Portia grew up together and were best friends throughout their lives. Here they are as babies. Hard to believe Ellen was ever this small! Portia mourned her buddy for a long time, and is just now getting back to her old self.


Our chickens are so much fun, and spoiled rotten. Here they are getting a special treat, mini-marshmallows. They are Bernice Williams (big white one with black edged neck and tail feathers), Lady Cluck (gray ball of feathers), Goldy Girl (white and gold), and Anna Banana (white). Queen Dixie (black and gold), and Lady Marlene (different shades of brown with big rooster comb) both passed away last summer. Stan enjoys their eggs, but as a vegan I just enjoy their yard and garden help and pure entertainment.

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