Here are some video and audio interviews that you might enjoy.

Linda Thompson, an author and wonderful show host on The Authors Show ( interviewed me on 3/7/18. We spoke at length about the writing process, animal rescue, and Tom Flynn. The program lasted 15 minutes and was an absolute joy to do. To listen, click on the white arrow in the black ellipse to the left of this paragraph.

Click in square to hear the program

Dr. Briar Lee Mitchell is a radio host on radio. She's also an illustrator and writer, whose work has been exhibited in The Smithsonian. She teaches college and does K-9 Search & Rescue. She interviewed me on 1/18/18, and we had a wonderful discussion about animal rescue, writing, and Tom Flynn. The program is long, 56 minutes, but I think you'll enjoy it -- we had a great time talking, and that comes through. To listen, click on the blue box to the left of this paragraph.

Corine LaFont is the delightful host of a show originating in Trinidad. In this 28 minute segment we talked about men (how could I stay married to one for over 50 years?), cats, and books. We had a lot of fun during this very casual, informal session on 12/14/17. 

This 33 minute video was filmed on 5/14/17 at BluMoon Books & Media shortly after the Tom Flynn, Medium & Healer book was published. The primary topic was making your impossible dream come true, since everything about the creation of the book -- two people living on opposite sides of the world meeting, every interview and promotion that we needed falling neatly into place, writing a book and getting it published in less than a year -- couldn't possibly happen. But it worked and is a testament to "spirit planning."

On 1/24/16 I was interviewed by Danna Wilberg on her show Paranormal Connections. Danna is a skilled host who made it easy to talk about my own paranormal gifts and experiences and how they've been instrumental in my writing. The video lasts for 27 minutes.

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