Storytellers have been revered throughout time. Some stories were pure entertainment, while others were designed to keep traditions and oral histories alive in cultures without written language. Modern children love being read to, and now audio books are the fastest growing segment of the publishing industry.


This page consists of all different types of short stories. So, close your eyes and enjoy. Then let me know what you think, and what you might like to hear in the future.

Fragile Dreams

This short story is about a flying dream, the treasured source of tranquility for a child. Dreams are incredibly important, but can be crushed with poorly chosen words—and regained with the understanding that we control our own mind and imagination.

Fragile Dreams, 8-4-20
00:00 / 08:37

The Fragile Dreamer

Lizard Love

Lizard Love
00:00 / 13:22

Addicted to lizards! From one little lizard to a few geckos, and a five-foot rescued iguana, plus a savannah monitor that needed a home, and dozens of bearded dragons. How to avoid slipping from LLS, Lizard Love Syndrome, to full blown RCD, Reptile Collectors Disease. Fun and firmly tongue in cheek!

This story is published in Birds of a Feather, an anthology of stories written by members of the NCPA, Northern California Publishers and Authors.

Bearded Dragons

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