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People are excited when you tell them you're a writer -- little do they know that writing a book is the easy, fun part. Getting that book published is the hard part, especially since the rules keep changing. Doing it all by yourself the first time is a little like following an overgrown, potholed path through a jungle at night in the middle of a monsoon! 

In order to make the right decision regarding the method best suited for your project, you need to have the most current information. This book is a starting point, with a wealth of information and pages of resources to help a writer make the perfect choices for their unique book.

This book is available in both perfect bound and spiral bound versions. The spiral bound is ideal for use in workshops since it has lots of white space for notes and lays flat on the table or desk. The perfect bound version is only available on Amazon and through other distribution channels; however, the spiral bound version is available through and PayPal. You can purchase the perfect bound by clicking on the Amazon button below. To purchase the spiral bound version, click on the button or the PayPal button. If you would like a signed copy, just click on the PayPal button below. All copies are available for the same price, $11.99 and shipping.

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