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Serendipity Kitties -- One Year Ago

My name is Becca, and I'm the luckiest kitten in the world. Well, my sister Bonnie and brother Brady are too, but I'm telling the story.

Someone took us away from Mom, put us in a box, and left us. It was so scary! We were hungry too, when a nice lady named Jillian found us in her driveway. She took us inside, but didn't know how to care for us. She called her mom, Laurie Hoirup, who called a friend, Sharon Darrow, who'd taken in lots of kittens like us. Sharon stopped taking in babies years ago after raising more than 500, but just because Laurie is such a good friend, she said she'd take us until she could find us a place. She checked us all over, and told Jillian that we were healthy, two girls and a boy, all three short-haired, with black fur, and about eleven days old. That wasn't fun, but then Sharon brought out a yummy bottle and fed us. Not as good as Mom, but still hit the spot.

But guess what. It turns out Jillian's best friend from work, Candi Hudson, is the daughter of Sharon's best friend, Ann Dickson. They've been best friends for more than 20 years! Who would have imagined such a coincidence? Sharon says that just means that we were meant to be with her, because we're part of the family. We were supposed to go to someone else in a rescue group, but it looks like we're staying here.

I've got lots more to say, but I'm getting kind of tired. Bonnie and Brady are curled up together asleep. Maybe I'll cuddle with them while I finish my story.

Brady, more over, you're hogging the warm spot. Oops! Sorry Bonnie, I didn't mean to step on your ear.

Where was I? .......Oh yes, I was going...... to tell you...... whats... been... happening... to... usssssszzz..........

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