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What are You Thankful For?

These days people seem to focus on problems much more than blessings. Natural disasters, political discord, money problems, and holiday pressures weigh on all of us, overshadowing the good things in life. One answer is to take a quiet moment and think about what is right in our world, rather than what's wrong.

Thanksgiving brought that home to me. There were seven of us at the table. My husband of fifty-two years. Good start on being thankful there, since after all those years we still love each other and are still best friends. Our daughter, Sheryl, was there even though she was exhausted and in a lot of pain from her Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Her two sons, seventeen-year-old twins, carry a lot on their young shoulders, but said they were most thankful for having the family together and supporting one another. And the last two at the table were my parents, both ninety-years-old, celebrating not only Thanksgiving but also their sixtieth wedding anniversary.

Four generations together is truly a gift to be thankful for. But there are so many other, simple things we need to stop and appreciate.

Are you wasting time worrying about things you can't change? Are you missing precious moments with people you love because of anger and frustration at the imperfect world around you? Thanksgiving was just the start of the holiday season, but the idea of giving thanks is a perfect way to begin. In fact, make giving thanks every single day a habit and just watch the difference it makes.

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